Social Media Package – initial questions

In order to help us understand more about your business and create a customised Facebook page and Twitter account that reflects your company, please fill in the questions below.

  1. Do you have a company website?

    If yes, what is the link to the website?

  2. Please fill out the following:

    Note: We would use your business name as your Facebook page name.

  3. Have you already got a:

  4. How would you describe what your company does in 3 sentences?

  5. What are your key product and services?

  6. Tell us a bit about your organisational culture.

  7. Who are your target audiences?

  8. Do you need to capture email contacts on your Facebook landing page?

    Generally, if you want to capture prospects’ contact details, it is best to offer something of value for free. The higher the value, the higher chance that prospects would leave you their name and email. For example, things to give out for free can be an e-book, a video, a report, a one-on-one consultation, or anything else you can think of.

    What would your free offer be?

  9. What tone would you like your brand to portray online?

  10. Please list your company’s primary colour/colours.