My Wedding Guide

My Wedding Guide

At the end of 2010, MAS Strategy used its pioneering knowledge of online technology to start its first ‘niche online directory’ focusing completely on the New Zealand market at this stage. MAS Strategy believes niche directories are the natural evolution of the online directory market, and an online platform for a whole industry is vital when your customers are a generation of people who want information at their fingertips ever faster.

My Wedding Guide was launched into a market that already had 29 small online directories dedicated to it. MAS Strategy’s web developers, who played a pivotal part in the technology behind Wises Maps and UBD, were confident that they could create a market leading online wedding directory.

In the first six months after development they built a database of more than 17,000 New Zealand businesses providing wedding services to attract users. SEO specialists optimized thousands of key words and phrases like ‘ceremony venues’, ‘bridal tips’ and ‘wedding planning tools’, and optimized articles in the Bridal Tips section of My Wedding Guide which now accounts for over 30% of the site’s traffic. It features editorial pieces from New Zealand-based industry leaders offering advice to Kiwi brides on creating their perfect wedding day.

Since the launch of My Wedding Guide, more than 50 wedding directories can now be found online concentrating on the New Zealand market. In the short space of time it has been running, My Wedding Guide has become the number one online wedding directory in New Zealand. It receives the highest average number of hits of any New Zealand-based online wedding directory per year – over a quarter of a million – and hosts the largest database of businesses dedicated to the industry. The site features testimonials from users and advertisers about how well My Wedding Guide has worked for them.

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