Why target marketing is crucial

By John D Allen on Monday, 14 October 2013

Why target marketing is crucial

Who is YOUR target market?

  • Until you are clear on your target market, it’s too easy to wander aimlessly, wanting to help, but unable to. It’s like trying to run with your shoelaces tied together. When you are clear on who you want to help – your target market – you want to tell everyone who will listen and forge ahead with energy.

  • A target market niche is a group of people you’ve decided to help. You can narrow it down in lots of ways, including age, income, where they live, occupation, or what they need. A target market is very specific and helps you focus your marketing efforts. Without it you can get too scattered to succeed.

  • Many people ask, “Why do I need a target market? Why can’t I offer my services to everyone?” After all, why would anybody want to turn customers away? It can feel limiting.

  • However, choosing a niche or group of people to focus on doesn’t keep you from working with other people outside your niche. You are still allowed to work with other people when they come to you. Surprisingly, it increases the number of people who come to you because you’re more attractive, you’re clear, focused, working with the right clients and happy. More importantly, it makes it so much easier for the right clients to find you!

  • Your own experience probably shows you that you are not attracted to products or services designed to help everyone. If you’re a woman, don’t you prefer baths products that are designed for women? If you’re a man don’t you prefer different scents than women wear? It’s the same for your customers people like to purchase solutions that are specific to their problem.

  • Another problem with not having a clear target market is that you can’t be remembered and referred. People can’t pass the word about what you do, if even you can’t tell them. Have a sexy statement that sizzles and they’ll be able to tell the world.

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Source: My Corporate Guide http://mycorporateguide.com/article/1206/why-target-marketing-is-crucial

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