The key marketing trends for 2013

By Lewis Humphries on Friday, 4 October 2013

The key marketing trends for 2013

Know what to look for as a brand

As the pace of technological and social evolution continues to gain momentum, brands are being faced with new and diverse marketing challenges on an annual basis. Each new year seems to bring a series of innovative trends, which dictate the way in which brands must target consumers and reach out them effectively. Your own firm’s ability to comprehend these and react to them in real time will help to determine its success, especially in an increasingly restricted economy.

The Top 3 Trends for 2013

The economy is certainly a determining factor in deciding in the top 3 marketing trends of 2013, while social and technological developments will also prove pivotal. Consider the following: -

  • The Diminishing Capacity of Human Capital: While the employment market continues to suffer from diminished job creation, there is also a concern that the current generation of job seekers lack the requisite skills to thrive. With youth unemployment also high in advanced economies such as the U.S. and the UK, and ageing populations prominent in nations like Pakistan and Mexico, companies must make plans for sourcing and retaining marketing talent in the future.

  • The Integration of Traditional and Digital Marketing Methods: While this has already become a prominent feature of promotional campaigns as of 2011, it is set to become even more popular over the next 12 to 18 months. Social media day meet ups are the perfect embodiment of this ethos, where remote networking and physical interaction is combined to maximize the client or consumer experience. Expect to see far more of these and similar activities in 2013, across a diversity of different industries and platforms.

  • The Geographical Power Shift: While nations such as the U.S., UK and Australia have been historically renowned as having extremely powerful consumer bases, there has been a sizeable shift in power since the recent global recession. China, Russia and Brazil all have emerging economies that have begun to dominate he manufacturing industry, while their consumers are also benefiting from increased productivity. Your business may consider developing a stronger presence within these markets, so that you can promote your product or service to a wider product range.

The Bottom Line: Marketing as an Evolutionary Practice

These trends will impact heavily upon the marketing philosophy of businesses across the globe, as external factors continue to influence the behavior of consumers. With this in mind, it is clear that marketing should be considered as an evolutionary tool, and one that must be used creatively to achieve the best possible business results.

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